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Company Visits-Minghui Xu #3

-FLOW Public Relations

The founder and CEO of the company gave us a speech which reminded me of many things that I learned in my marketing class. What’s more, I learned the difference between marketing and communication. Marketing is the seller telling buyers that our product is good, but public relations and communication is to let other people say that your product is good. The company does a lot of campaigns and makes stories to increase sales. Unlike marketing which has building blocks to test whether an advertisement is good or not, there are no standards for these stories; they are basically guided by experiences and guts feelings.


Then we visited AUDI and GE, two of the biggest global companies in the world. AUDI Hungaria is specialized in producing engines and just started producing AUDI cars last year. To avoid competitions between the factories, AUDI produces different cars in different factories across the world. For example, they only produce engines in Hungary, Lamborghini in Italy, and AUDI Q5 in Changchun. For countries that have special requirements for cars, AUDI also makes adjustments according to their laws. I was so impressed by their factory, but sadly, they didn’t allow us to take any pictures.


Unlike AUDI, who started the business in Hungary on its own, GE bought another company in Hungary to be its sub-company specializing in water plant. A very famous Chinese entrepreneur once said, “detail determines success.” This got fully confirmed in the GE factory. Before we came in, they gave us special shoes, glasses, ear plugs, and protective clothing. They have a well-designed visitor path that allows visitors to see the factory without interfering with production. The factory is huge, but it is very well-organized. GE also focused on its company cultures. Hungarians value family a lot, so GE not only takes care of the employees but also their families. GE is doing everything it can to make sure that the employees are motivated and satisfied.