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Reflection on My Linc Trip - Jenni Oprosko

It’s been a while since we left Budapest and I returned home for the summer and during that time I have been able to tell my family and friends stories from my trip and just reflect upon the trip. I sometimes even find myself missing Budapest and the culture there. I never expected to fall in love with the city like I did, I just thought it would be a fun place to visit that I wouldn’t visit on my own, but now I find myself wanting to go back.

The more I think about it the more I realize how lucky I was to be able to experience Budapest with my LINC group. Not only did I get to experience the culture and do some site seeing, but through LINC I was able to see how they do business there and get tours of companies that were only possible because of LINC. 

I honestly can’t get over how gorgeous the city was and how much fun it was exploring the city. My experience on the trip has made me beyond excited to study abroad and hopefully while I’m abroad i’ll get the chance to visit Budapest for a few days. 

Final Trip Reflection- Holly Bard #4

It’s been just over a week since I’ve returned to California from Budapest, and, looking back on the trip, it was an amazing experience. Not only did I get to experience a vibrant, unique culture and see a part of the world that I never thought I would, I got to learn about global business in the process and bond with my classmates.

Before this trip, I would have never thought I would go to Budapest, but I’m very glad I did. The people were friendly, the scenery was beautiful, and the experience was extremely enriching. I’m very excited to apply the knowledge I learned in company visits in both my current summer internship and future Marshall classes. As they say in Hungarian, Köszönöm (thank you) and szia (bye)!image

Good Bye Budapest! — Ming Ming Jiang #4

I have finally arrived back in China after several hours of a long flight. Looking back at the trip in Budapest, which was filled with amazement, wonders, and astonishment, I can not believe that the one-week program has now ended. That was my first time in Europe, and LINC truly made this first experience unforgettable: from visiting companies to trying new Hungarian dishes, then from discovering parties in a foreign country to enjoying the beautiful views of a European city. This program, though short, has enriched us with plenty of new knowledge on the Hungarian economy, culture, and society. I am grateful that I attended the LINC Budapest trip, and I will definitely seek out more study abroad opportunities.


More on Budapest — Ming Ming Jiang #3

Continuing from where I left off, on Thursday, we visited the Budapest Stock Exchange, where we listened to a insightful presentation from speaker Noémi Lusztig, Director Market Data Sales. This presentation vitalized the book materials that we learned in BUAD-352x Macroeconomics, for it allowed me to fully understand how the economic assumptions and solutions that we learned will work in a real-life economy.

After that, we visited one of the local schools in Budapest—Óbuda University. During our visit, we conducted a team presentation with the Óbuda students on the differences and similarities between our college experiences. I really enjoyed this activity because it not only enhanced the bond between Hungarian and American students despite our cultural differences, but also helped us learn more about each others’ college life. In general, we share many similarities on how to enjoy our free time in college, such as going to beaches and parties, but a large difference between our education is that American system emphasize more on the real-life work experience, thus students often do internship and attend networking events while in college, whereas Hungarian education focuses more on the book materials, and students rarely have any free time to do internship while in college.


On Friday, we visited the Herend Porcelain Factory, a producer of fine and luxurious porcelain. Many important aristocrats and government officials such as Queen Victoria, Queen Elisabeth, Prince William and Kate, and former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger are all loyal customers of Herend. This is my favorite visit, for we toured their entire production site, eye-witnessing the molding, the carving, and the painting procedure, all fascinating to see!


Our lunch in the countryside was also the best that we enjoyed in Hungary. Despite eating under a wooden shack in the middle of nowhere, the surrounding view was incredible, the dishes that they served the food in was very interesting, and most importantly, their food tasted delicious! We highly recommend going there again!!


After a wonderful meal, we arrived at the Figula Vineray for wine tasting. To be honest, I have never drank so many glass before, for we tasted 6 different white and red wine. It was the most relaxing visit during the trip, but don’t drink too much if you don’t have a high tolerance for alcohol, because those wine will give you serious headaches afterwards.

Our last dinner was on a small ferry. The buffet consisted of traditional Hungarian food, and we enjoyed our meal while sailing on the river that divides Buda and Pest. As night approached, the surrounding architectures were gradually enveloped with light, and that became my most memorable image of Hungary.


On Saturday, our last day in Hungary, my friends and I enjoyed a warm bath in the Széchenyi Thermal Bath. It consist of numerous outdoor and indoor, hot and cold baths, and sometimes waves would appear and push the bathers in circles within the pool. The buildings of the bath house were all beautifully decorated. Since Budapest is famous for its thermal baths, I highly recommend the students next year to visit a bath house in Budapest!


Saying Goodbye to Budapest - Jenni Oprosko

Since we check out of our hotel at 3:30 am tonight most of us are planning on not sleeping that way we can sleep on the plane and to stay awake I thought I could spend some time writing a blog post. 

Starting from where I left off in my last blog post I’ll talk about what we did Wednesday. We had three company visits that day which seemed like it was going to be a lot, but looking back at it the day flew by. We started off at Grand Market where we got a tour and had a few minutes to check out the souvenirs the stalls were selling. From there it was off to Prezi for a presentation which I found really interesting. Afterwards we got lunch and then walked over the FLOW Public Relations. I really enjoyed the presentation there because before it I never really knew exactly what PR was and they gave us a really nice overview of it. They also gave examples of what they have done for some of their clients that helped explain exactly what PR is. That night a few of us when back to the Fisherman’s Bastion for dinner and were able to take pictures of the city at night from there. 


On Thursday we started out the day with a visit to the Budapest Stock Exchange where we got to learn how stock exchanges work in general and then specifically how the Budapest one works and the challenges it faces as a small stock exchange. Afterwards we had lunch and then went to Obuda University. At the university we had the chance to talk to current Hungarian college students and compare and contrast American and Hungarian colleges. It was interesting to see how similar we were when in came to personality and things outside of class, but how different Obuda University was to USC.

Friday ended up being a very long day, but luckily we had a 2 hour bus ride to and from the city so we were able to nap. The first thing we did was drive to Herend which is a porcelain company that handcrafts all of their products. It was amazing to see the amount of detail that was put into each item they made. After Herend we went to a restaurant for lunch right near Lake Balaton and we had a very delicious lunch. From there we drove a little further and visited Figula Winery. There we got a tour of the cellars and then had a wine tasting. Then we went over to a lookout point where we had a gorgeous panorama view of the lake. After we all got our pictures it was back on the bus, where we took a quick ride on a ferry across the lake and drove back to the hotel.


Today we had a free day in the morning and afternoon so a few friends and I decided to go to the stop of Stephen’s Basilica. After 320 steps we made it to the top and had an amazing view of Budapest.


We then went shopping for souvenirs at the Grand Market and then headed back to the hotel so we could all meet with our groups to work on our final presentations. We ended the trip with a river cruise on the Danube. 

Now there’s about 2 hours until we have to meet in the lobby to check out. I can’t believe the trip is almost over, but I have loved every single second of it. It has been so much fun exploring Budapest and getting to experience all it has to offer. While I’m sad to leave, I’m at the same time really looking forward to going home and getting some sleep.

Last Night in Budapest - Holly Bard

Since I’ve last posted, we have visited the Budapest Stock Exchange, Herend Factory, Figula Winery, and Budapest Grand Market. We also got to do a collaborative project with students at Obuda University. I really enjoyed getting to know Hungarians my age, and, in doing so, realized that despite cultural differences, teenagers are very similar internationally.

Today was our last day in Budapest, so we got to have free time to explore the city during the day. Along with a few friends, I walked around the shopping district and visited St. Stephen’s Basilica, which was beautiful (pictures of the outside and inside below).



After, we had final presentations, followed by a dinner cruise on the Danube. It was nice being able to reflect on the trip while enjoying the marvelous views of Budapest at night. Tomorrow, we check out of the hotel at 3:15 am and fly to Amsterdam and then to Los Angeles. I’m not excited for another long day of flying, but I look forward to catching up on sleep. Below are some pictures I took while on the dinner cruise.

imageThis is the Hungarian Parliament building, one of my favorite buildings in Budapest.

imageThe Chain Bridge area at night

First Few Days in Budapest - Jenni Oprosko

After arriving in Budapest on Sunday afternoon my days have been filled with experiencing all that Budapest has to offer. From company visits to sight seeing to trying to figure out where we want to have dinner, we have come to seen a lot of Budapest. I’ve been having so much fun here though and can’t believe the trip is half way over. 

Monday was our first full day here. We spent the morning listening to speakers in a conference room in the hotel. The first two people who came to talk to us had been exchange students at USC and were now working at companies in Budapest. Then after lunch we got to hear from a guy who works at the American embassy in Hungary. It was really interesting to hear all of their stories and how life was like in Hungary. After the speakers we got to go on a tour of the city. Everything we saw was gorgeous and it was cool to hear the history behind some of the buildings and monuments.

One of the places we visited was the Budapest Synagogue with a guided tour by a local.  


During the tour of the city we also went to Gellert hill where we had an amazing view of the city. 


On Tuesday we got to go our first company visit. We visited the Audi factory in a city about 2 hours away from Budapest. There we were given a tour of the building that they make the engines in. After our visit there we went and had lunch and then toured the Benedictin Abbey Pannonhalma.

Today is one of my friends on the trips’ birthday so we’re going out for a nice dinner tonight. I have to get ready for that now though so I’ll wait to talk about our company visits that we went on today until my next blog post. 

Szia! The Trojans in Budapest - Ming Ming Jiang #2

We sing of Marshall and the trip with LINC.
From the sea-coast of ‘Troy’ in early days,
We came to Budapest by destiny.

—allude to Virgil’s Aeneid

After a painstakingly long flight from “Troy” (USC) to central Europe, we, the Trojans, have finally arrived at our final destination—Budapest, Hungary. The architecture in Budapest are mainly in the early Romanesque and Gothic styles, giving the city a classical feel. Although the rain caused the city to look slightly gloomy on the arrival day, Monday through Wednesday was filled with sunshine and warm wind.

On the first day, we listened to three very insightful presentations from former USC graduate students and a speaker from the U.S. Embassy. Then we proceeded with a city tour around Buda and Pest, where we visited the Hero Square, the Budapest Synagogue, the Chain Bridge, and the Fisherman’s Bastion.




On the second day, we visited the Audi Factory and the Abbey Pannonhalma. From Audi, we could clearly see an example of workers empowerment, for employees were free to express their ideas on an opinion wall.


Then on the third day, we visited the Grand Market Hall, Prezi company, and the FLOW Public Relations. From these companies, we learned about the successful stories of start-up companies and their effective marketing strategies. These firms stressed innovation, efficiency, and creativity in their business.


Budapest Adventures - Holly Bard

We successfully arrived in Budapest on Saturday night and have been going on company visits and touring the city since then. The companies we have visited so far are Audi Hungaria, Prezi, and Flow Public Relations. We also heard from two students now in the business world who studied abroad at USC. All of these were interesting and informative, but my favorite was Prezi because of the unique, relaxed office environment. There were ping pong tables, colorful fixtures, and even musical instruments around the office for the employees to enjoy.

So far, we have visited various tourist attractions, including Hero’s Square, Fisherman’s Bastion, and the Budapest Synagogue. The architecture here is beautiful and reflective of the vibrant culture. Tomorrow, we will be visiting the Budapest Stock Exchange in the morning and then we will be going to Obuda University to do a collaborative project with students there.

Here are some pictures I took at the various sites we have visited!

imageHero’s Square

imageOutside of the Budapest Synagogue

imageFisherman’s Bastion

imagePrezi’s unique workspace

First Day: a good start!- Xuanxin Xu #2

After a thirteen- hour flight, we finally arrived at Budapest! It was raining. For us, who just got out of burning Los Angeles, Budapest was a little bit freezing! Good thing is that the sun exposed his smiley face for the first day of our trip and altered our dark impression of Budapest. :D

The morning presentation started at 9:30 in the Budapest room in our hotel, Zara Continental Hotel. The ‘late’ start gave us sufficient time to enjoy a nutritious breakfast and get us prepared for the future five days. It was a very informative but tiring morning! So we deserved the relaxing and joyful city tour in the afternoon. Start from the hotel, via Opera House, Budapest Zoo, Museum of Fine Arts, Hero Square, Art Gallery, Synagogue, we drove across the Chain Bridge and landed our step on Pest!

On top of Gellert Hill, we had the best panoramic views of Budapest: Red (roofs in) Buddha, Green (tress in) Pest, and sparkling Danube River! Citadel and Statue of Liberty brought us a touch of sadness about World War II and heroes who sacrificed themselves to guard this picturesque landscape. At the endpoint of today’s trip, Mathias Church, we finished our first exploration of Budapest by having a HUF 250 ice-cream (everybody had one!). Tomorrow, we will begin real research into Budapest’s business with Audi manufacturing company. Have fun, Trojans!


First glance at Buddha- raining day (grey impression), Arts Gallery and specific Budapest architecture standing by Danube River


Hero Square


Marshall’s brand ‘stood’ on the statues of heroes on Hero Square. Thank our ‘heroes’ for their ‘braveness’!


Best panoramic view of Budapest: Buddha, Danube River and Pest!